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Klipsch Rider Kicks Cancer!

Paula KlipschPaula Klipsch is a two-time thyroid cancer survivor and is celebrating three years being cancer free since her second bout with the disease. At the age of 41, Paula was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma and it returned five years later. Being cancer free has made Paula appreciate everything that life has to offer.

“I will tell you that when you wake up every morning, the thought that my cancer can return is not far from my thoughts,” said Paula Klipsch, 24 Hours of Booty Indianapolis rider and Team Klipsch member. “My faith has been an enormous comfort, but I also have a great support group around me so I’ve decided to channel a little of my anxiety into something positive by giving back to other cancer patients and their families.”

Paula is a member of the American Cancer Society’s Ladies Guilt (ACS) and chairman of the Discovery Ball for 2014, which is the ACS’s big, formal fundraiser. Last year Paula’s husband Mike got her involved with 24 Hours of Booty for the first time. Mike had done the ride together with his coworkers at Klipsch Audio a couple of times and to Paula it sounded like an incredible amount of fun.

“The ride is a great way for me to pay it forward in some way to help someone else survive their cancer diagnosis,” Paula said. “Being a survivor and helping to raise money for cancer research is important at every level. I’m alive because of advanced research, in just five short years, that has been funded by events like [24 Hours of Booty]. It also helps me to send a message to other to not give up hope. If I can beat cancer, so can you!”

To prepare for 24 Hours of Booty, the coworkers at Klipsch Audio usually get together on nice sunny days during the warm months of the year and ride together. Many people at the office have become involved and participated in other charity rides together, such as Ride Across Indiana (RAIN). The cancer in some form has victimized many of the employees; fundraising for rides like 24 Hours of Booty has become a “no brainer”.

“It makes me so proud to be a part of the Klipsch Audio family that feels the same way I do about cancer,” Paula said. “We hate it and want to raise money to someday defeat this disease so that no one else will ever lose another family member again.”

Paula is looking forward to seeing all the Klipsch Audio employees come together for another 24 Hours of Booty as a family, not an office gathering, but for a long day and night of fun.

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Clear Channel Radio Spreads the Word About 24 Hours of Booty

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.27.10 PMClear Channel Radio, 24 Hours of Booty sponsor, has graciously promoted 24 Hours of Booty on air and live at the Indianapolis event for that past few years. 24 Hours of Booty is proud to have Clear Channel Radio as a sponsor who has joined in the fight to spread the word to put cancer in its place!

“For many of us, our lives have been touched peripherally by cancer, we all know of a loved one or friend that has had to battle some form of this dreadful disease,” said Jay Baker, On-Air host from Clear Channel Radio. “Any event that highlights and raises money for the cause is very worthwhile.”

Founded in 1972, Clear Channel has become one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies, managing two main media businesses – Outdoor Holdings and Media and Entertainment. With 245 million monthly listeners in the U.S., Clear Channel media and entertainment has the largest reach of any radio and television outlet in America. The outdoor advertising business operates close to one million displays in 45 countries and continues to expand.

“As we all face trying to bring more health and wellness into our lives, we want to find some good sustainable forms of exercise,” Jay said. “For those of us from Clear Channel Radio, we have had a long association with cycling. Through the years we have had cyclists who just pedal the park with their kids as an outlet and family time, and those of us who have set some serious cycling goals and have competed at bike events through the Midwest.”

Clear Channel’s mission is to stimulate local radio and outdoor resources to encourage and educate people to make a difference within their own communities. 24 Hours of Booty is one of the many local and national nonprofit organizations that Clear Channel radio stations and Outdoor regions work together to spotlight.

“I have been impressed by the organization of [24 Hours of Booty] and I have urged my cycling friends to participate,” Jay said. “Thanks for all that you do and making Indianapolis one of the stops in this important series.”

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Klipsch Takes Sound & Sponsorship to National Level

SONY DSCKlipsch, one of the first loudspeaker companies in the U.S., has been producing premium speakers since 1946. Klipsch became an official sponsor of 24 Hours of Booty in 2012, and this year they continue their support on a national level.

“To be a national sponsor helps us raise awareness and money for 24 Hours of Booty’s commitment to cancer initiatives,” said Rich Doppelfeld, VP of Global Human Resources, said. “It also gives us a platform to bring the emotion of the live music experience that Klipsch speakers and headphones deliver to riders and their support teams onsite. Additionally, we are allowed to expand our brand on a national platform.”

The start of the relationship between 24 Hours of Booty and Klipsch happened a few years ago when Rich Doppelfeld was invited by a friend to ride in the Charlotte event. Rich knew right then that it would be a great philanthropic endeavor for Klipsch when the event was brought to Indianapolis.

Klipsch has sponsored 24 Hours of Booty in many ways and forms. Since becoming a sponsor in 2012, they have been able to offer in-ear headphones as giveaways, fundraiser contest prizes, including KMC Wireless Music Systems and formed a team to fundraise and ride.

“Our team rides not only in memory of loved ones affected by cancer, but also to celebrate life,” Rich said. “The ride unites co-workers, family and friends for 24 hours, supporting each other along the way with a common goal to wipe out cancer. In just three years, Team Klipsch has grown to more than 30 riders and is on pace to raise over $10,000 toward cancer initiatives in 2014.”


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The Greater Impact of Sponsorship

24 Hours of Booty has proudly sustained a sponsor partnership with Boingo Graphics since 2007 that has grown to provide a impact not only on each individual organization, but a larger impact on the Charlotte community.

“Originally the partnership was a way to give back to our community and help support a cause that has literally affected everyone in our company at some point, in some way,” said Linda Kirby, Boingo Graphics EVP. “Supporting 24 Hours of Booty is something everyone can rally behind and over the years has become a part of our culture at Boingo Graphics.”

As Boingo began to realize the overall impact they were creating, the company decided to join the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and created a program called Boingo Cares that helps several other nonprofit organizations in the community. The strong relationship with 24 Hours of Booty has directly impacted the success of the Boingo Cares program.

“Through our engagement with 24 Hours of Booty we were introduced to some wonderful people,” Linda said. “These relationships have become an important part of our success story. Our support of the organization was not only welcomed, but celebrated by the Booty folks!”

Together, 24 Hours of Booty, Boingo Graphics and the Charlotte community have grown stronger as a result of the strides made because of the sponsor partnership.

“Whether we are helping raise money, riding our bikes for 24 hours or printing banners and signage for the event, Boingo is grateful for our partnership with 24 Hours of Booty!,” Linda said.

Interested in becoming a 24 Hours of Booty sponsor? Find more information here.

Let’s fight cancer together!
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Ahoy Mates!

Nancy CanganyWhen Nancy Cangany first heard of 24 Hours of Booty coming to Indianapolis in 2012, she knew she had to be a part of it. Nancy has been cycling for a number of years, both for fun and for charity events, including for the LIVESTRONG Foundation. In 2009, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and following her treatment she wanted to get back into riding.

“The 2012 Indy Booty was the first time for me to ride 100 miles since being diagnosed with cancer,” Nancy said. “It felt like quite an accomplishment”.

The event, taking place only a few miles from her house, was a great way for Nancy to get back into cycling, as well as a way to support something so personal to her.

This year marks Nancy’s third year riding in 24 Hours of Booty and although she may be somewhat limited by lymphedema she’s been battling she says that she will be out there nonetheless.

“I’m sure there will be more fun costumes to come, as well,” Nancy said, referring to the pirate booty gear she wore during last year’s event.

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Butler Blue III to Make Appearance at 24 Hours of Booty Indianapolis

Blue III at 24HOB 201324 Hours of Booty is back for it’s third year in Indianapolis at Butler University. The famously known live bulldog mascot of the University, Blue III, will be making an appearance at this year’s 24 Hours of Booty.

Butler University has had unofficial live bulldog mascots for years, but it wasn’t until 2000 that Butler Blue became the first official live mascot for the school. To date, there have been three dogs that have carried the name Blue, which is the primary color of the university.

“We’re on our third “Blue”, but we affectionately call him “Trip”, which is short for “triple” as he is the third in succession,” said Michael Kaltenmark, Trip’s caretaker and 24 Hours of Booty rider. “The previous two mascots were called “Blue”, but there was overlap in tenure for Blue I and Blue II so that’s why Blue III got a nickname.”

Butler Blue has become a bona fide celebrity in the city of Indianapolis and his presence is highly regarded. Blue is a living, breathing ambassador for Butler University, but more than that, Blue has become a point of pride for the city of Indianapolis.

“He brings a smile to the faces of children and adults alike, and he’s in high demand for photos and “selfies” no matter where we go,” Michael said.

Blue loves to go to work, especially when it involves lending his voice and celebrity status to good causes like 24 Hours of Booty’s fight against cancer. 24 Hours of Booty provides Butler University with a great opportunity to join the fight against cancer, promote health and well-being through cycling and emphasizing community through fellowship and place.

“Welcoming groups and events like 24 Hours of Booty to campus is always great fun, and since there are bikes involved, Blue is all too excited to be a part of the action,” Michael said. “He’s [“Trip”] hoping to get a tow around the course this year.


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John the Thriver

John LindJohn Lind is riding with 24 Hours of Booty for a third time this year in Indianapolis at the end of June.

There are many reasons John rides with 24 Hours of Booty,  for one, he is a stage IV “thriver” or cancer survivor and also has had many family members and friends affected by cancer. John’s dad passed away thirty years ago from kidney cancer, for whom John took care of the last couple of months that he was alive by organizing a hospice setting at his house and arranging his affairs.

“After watching what he [John’s father] went through it was absolutely chilling to be told I had Stage IV head and neck cancer at five years younger than what my father was when he passed away,” John said.

24 Hours of Booty and the team John rides with, Little Spokes of Hope, are constant reminders that he is incredibly fortunate to be not just a survivor, but a thriver, and that he is not alone in dealing with the disease, treatment, recovery and side effects.

“Cancer is a marathon, often a very long relentless one without any respite for the rest of your life,” John said. “It can be ongoing treatment to hold it at bay, dealing with relapses (as with lymphoma), or coping with significant treatment side effects, some of which are lifelong. 24 Hours of Booty is a marathon event that is a very fitting metaphor.”

Other diseases such as swine flu, measles, chicken pox, mumps or mononucleosis, all which John has had, are much like sprints to the goal without any respite for the rest of your life. Through the help of the LIVESTRONG Foundation, John has been able to clear the emotional, financial and physical obstacles to go beyond surviving to thriving.

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Win a Klipsch Wireless Portable Music System

Klipsch_logoScreen Shot 2014-06-12 at 2.31.38 PMINDIANAPOLIS RIDERS, our friends at Klipsch are really excited about 24 Hours of Booty.  We’re talking really, really excited. So excited that they want to celebrate their third year riding by giving away Klipsch KMC 1 Portable Wireless Music System to one lucky rider!  (Did I mention that it comes in 24 Hours of Booty orange?) There are two ways to win an entry – we’re keeping it simple!

  1. Raise $100 or more between Monday, June 16 and Wednesday, June 18 at 4:30 pm.
  2. Register to ride!

It will be a great week to get ahead on those fundraising commitments and start sending some emails! You can find tips on the best way to get started here. Good luck! The Fine Print: 

  1. Eligibility: This contest is open to all participants registered for the 24 Hours of Booty 2014. 24 Hours of Booty employees, board members and their families are not eligible.  
  2. Agreement to rules: Participation in the contest constitutes full and unconditional agreement to the decisions of 24 Hours of Booty, which are final. All prizes are contingent on availability of apparel sizes and are not transferable. 24 Hours of Booty reserves the right to substitute prizes as needed.
  3. Period. The contest begins June 16, 2014 at 12:01 a.m. and will end at 4:30 p.m. on June 18, 2014.
  4. Entry: Entries will be based on the above criteria. You must be registered to qualify for prizes. 
  5. Selection: 24 Hours of Booty will award one Klipsch KMC 1 Portable Wireless Music System.
  6. Release of Liability: By participating in this contest, you agree to releases and hold harmless 24 Hours of Booty, Klipsch and their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, sponsors from any claim arising from your participation in this contest or use of the prize (including any travel or activity related thereto).

Tax Implications: All participants who receive more than $600 in incentives must fill out a 1099-MISC as per the IRS. This may result in taxable income for you and you should consult a tax professional with questions.

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“We do Booty” – The Fernandez Family

FernandezDecember2013_050Chris Fernandez, veteran 24 Hours of Booty rider, volunteer and organizing committee member, has been involved with the organization since its humble beginnings. Fernandez’s involvement for several years has allowed him to fulfill many capacities and see the event from a multitude of perspectives.

Fernandez went from actively organizing and riding in 24 Hours of Booty in the first few years since the launch of the event to in 2009  making simply riding a lap of  the Booty Loop a major goal of his. In the summer of 2008, Chris learned he had a vestibular brain tumor and underwent surgery, which left him with double vision and unable to drive. As part of his recovery, Chris made it his personal physical therapy goal to participate and ride in 24 Hours of Booty as he had done in years past, except this time it would be on the back of a tandem bike.

Chris’ recovery gave his wife Beth a new perspective of the event from a survivor’s point of view as to just how challenging the event can be from merely getting there to putting in miles on the loop. Beth’s experience alongside her husband as he fought cancer inspired her to become more involved in 24 Hours of Booty by volunteering.

“I came at it from a perspective of a survivor’s wife, who had to go through the difficulty of just getting him there [to the event],” Beth said. “I wanted to make the event more family oriented, kid friendly and more access[ible] for survivors.”

Beth has volunteered in a variety of capacities, but has spent much of her time and focus on the Kids Zone and Haven of Hope, a place for kids to just be kids and a place for survivors to be remembered and honored. 24 Hours of Booty has truly become a Fernandez family affair. Each year, Chris’s dad comes up from Tampa Florida to ride alongside his son. In addition, Chris’ two sons and daughter are actively involved in the event with volunteering and each year they ride the survivor lap with their dad.

“24 Hours of Booty is our one annual family event,” Beth said. “Just like people go to the beach, we do Booty.”

24 Hours of Booty has brought the Fernandez family closer together. With three kids of varying ages and activities, their life goes in many different directions. The Fernandez family have come to appreciate the time they get to spend each year with other survivors, caregivers and families of loved ones who are no longer with them. 

“[24 Hours of Booty] is the time each year that we put our lives and activities aside and work together for something larger than us,” Beth said. “For one weekend, we all go in the same direction for the same cause. We remember why we are thankful. We are all survivors, and together with the volunteers, staff and other riders, we have become a large extended family.”  

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The Big Cut

Melinda Arthur, 2014 24 Hours of Booty Grand Tour rider on Team Collin,  graciously shared her experience with “The Big Cut” fundraising event, sheering off her hair to raise funds for 24 Hours of Booty.

I am blessed with a lot of hair that grows very fast, fine and straight. It’s the kind of hair wig makers for children really like. Four years ago I chose to grow my hair long so I could wear it in a braid like I did in my youth. My good friend Gwen Wells is a stylist and we talked about donating my hair when the time came. That time was June 7, 2014 during a street festival called Uncle Billy’s Day. We called my sheering “The Big Cut.”

But first, in May I put up a challenge on Facebook — if I could raise $500 I would get my hair cut really short. I posted pictures of my mane from the back, reaching to my waist. The money raised would go to Team Collin for 24 Hours of Booty. Gwen chose Wigs for Kids to be the recipient of all that hair. Wigs For Kids gives free wigs to children who have lost their hair to cancer, alopecia or other illnesses.

It didn’t take long to raise the challenge money. I asked for $500 and got $545 within a few days. To thank my sponsors, I wrote all of their names on the Team Collin t-shirt I wore for the sheering. I got swag made with the Team Collin logo and 24 Hours of Booty sent me great giveaways and door prize items. Mitchell’s Salon on 7th provided even more valuable door prizes.

Vaughn,  my husband, arrived at the festival around noon to take photos, after having ridden 30 miles from home on his bike sporting the 24 Hours of Booty  kit. At 2:00PMGwen and two of her stylists divided my hair into sections to get the maximum amount out of the cut. It took three of them nearly half an hour to braid all those sections because they were all 18-20” long. Miss Virginia East Coast, Julie Witcher, put her crown on my head and then the cutting started. People stopped to see what was going on and we told them about Team Collin, 24 Hours of Booty and Wigs For Kids. It was a great experience garnering even more donations. Gwen razored a great pixie cut for me that will be truly welcome as I ride the Grand Tour of 24 Hours of Booty this year.

At the end of the day we had raised another $158 for 24 Hours of Booty, about a pound of hair for Wigs For Kids along with donations for them too and we spread the message of LIVESTRONG, 24 Hours of Booty and Team Collin to yet another audience. The total raised for 24 Hours of Booty in “The Big Cut” was $703.00. Thanks and Love to everyone who contributed in pulling this together…you all know who you are!

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