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Team Spotlight: Behind the Name of Team Carpe Diem

In 2004 Stephanie Brown began her journey with 24 Hours of Booty as a semi-cyclist after she lost her dad to cancer. For the last 13 years as a captain and team member, Brown has always admired her eclectic group of riders made up of co-workers, friends and family riding for a common goal. As team captain in 2011, […]

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Team Spotlight: Behind the Name of Team Kancer Kiboshers

Jessica Kasten registered for her first 24 Hours of Booty in 2011 for the second annual Atlanta event. She initially saw the event on Facebook and it sparked an interest due to her close connections with cancer, so she decided to participate. The first ride for Kasten and her team was dedicated to her friend […]

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Team Spotlight: Behind the Name of Betty and the Buttcrackers

For John Raab, team captain of Betty and the Butt Crackers, it was always a goal of his to ride in 24 Hours of Booty Indianapolis. He had previously participated as a Booty Crew member for the event, but when his sister was diagnosed with lung cancer, 24 Hours of Booty provided him with a […]

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Team Spotlight: Behind the Name of Team Reeb

Riding their way down the paths of the Sedgfield neighborhood of Southend Charlotte, cycling started as a hobby for David Faulkner and his friends. In 2007, one of his friends mentioned the 24 Hours of Booty event and Faulkner thought it would be a great challenge. His team was only made up of about five […]

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Seven Years of Service – Thank You Annie Ray

24 Hours of Booty has been home to Annie (Jackson) Ray in more ways than one. Annie has had close ties to the organization, as her older brother and cousin participated annually in the Charlotte event and former executive director, Patti Weiss is a longtime family friend. This relationship springboarded Annie’s involvement as the first […]

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You Don’t Choose, You Just Become: Wife Turned Caregiver

November is National Family Caregivers’ month, a month dedicated to focusing on the emotional, personal and financial challenges caregivers face whether they provide assistance to a loved one for a few years or for a  lifetime. Debbie Hevesy, 24 Hours of Booty Atlanta rider and former caregiver to her husband Brian, knows all too well the […]

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24 Days of Thanks

It’s the season for giving and 24 Hours of Booty would like to give our gratitude to the well deserved groups and individuals we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with over the years from beneficiaries and sponsors to riders, volunteers and booty crew members. We are a community united by a common […]

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Vote for 24 Hours of Booty in SOCIETY Charlotte’s Best of Philanthropy 2014 Survey!

It’s that time again to show some more love to 24 Hours of Booty! SOCIETY Charlotte has opened its Best of Philanthropy 2014 survey that highlights nonprofit event receive extra attention they deserve. SOCIETY Charlotte is a free monthly magazine that publishes informative and exciting photos and articles about philanthropic organizations and events in the community. […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Spotlight: Shannon Carney

Cancer affects each individual differently, but nearly all those affected can agree that cancer is not a solo battle, but a battle that is best fought as a team. Shannon Carney, long time 24 Hours of Booty rider, found her support system to be her key to survival when she was diagnosed with stage II breast […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Spotlight: Kate Nowrouki

Young, no family history, healthy. These three thoughts circled in the back of 24 Hours of Booty Columbia rider, Kate Nowrouki’s mind, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36. It all began to unravel when Kate inadvertently found a lump in her breast during a self-examination. Kate immediately went to her OBGYN to […]

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