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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Friday Nights.

Almost every Friday night for the last five years, you can find Susan at Beantown Tavern with a group of friends. It’s a place that makes her feel a little closer to her Boston roots and where the bartenders know the group by name.  After weeks where life revolves around daily radiation treatments and mornings at […]

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Susan – Radiation Days

Five days a week, Susan gets up early to get to her radiation appointment before she attends class at the Carolinas Cancer Wellness Center.  The radiation is follow up treatment to her surgeries, to help ensure all the cancer cells are eliminated.  Susan says the staff and nice atmosphere at the radiation center are what […]

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Strength Training

Each week, Susan and her fellow participants in the Carolinas Cancer Wellness Program spend time focused on strength training.  Kim Sbardella, the program coordinator explains why they ‘prescribe’ strength training for cancer survivors. “The benefits include reduced cancer related fatigue, improved sleep, improved quality of life, improved range of motion, improved balance, and decreased pain,” […]

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