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Heat Advisory: Indianapolis Event

It’s going to be a hot one this weekend!  Please read the following information and take care of yourself and the other riders this weekend.

Course Status System (CSS) Update

24 Hours of Booty implements a color-coded communication system to communicate the status of course conditions to participants throughout the event.  The status levels include Low (Green),Moderate (yellow), High (red), and Extreme (black). Levels are based primarily on weather conditions, but consider other factors as well.

According to the advance local weather forecast, the weather on event day is projected to reach a high of 97 degrees Farenheit on Friday with a low temperature in the mid 70s (degrees F). Saturday’s forcast will have highs reaching 98 degrees Farenheit.

Based on this forecast, the Course Status Level will start at High (red), which suggests potential for dangerous  conditions for the 24 Hours of Booty event based on the heat. Be prepared for changing conditions and pay attention to venue signage and public address announcements.

Some tips to deal with the heat are included below (Adapted: Chicago Marathon Event Guide 2010):


  • Hydrate: Drink enough fluids to maintain your baseline body weight, but be aware of over-hydration. If you begin to gain weight above your baseline body weight, you are drinking too much water and depleting your sodium level. (A condition known as “Hyponatremia” can occur when there is a lower than normal concentration of sodium in the blood. Sodium is a critical electrolyte that aids nerve and muscle function, and helps to maintain blood pressure.)
  • Eat: Eating enough foods to maintain nutrients your body will use is critical. Create an eating plan that incorporates the food offered in the Food Tent as a part of your mileage goals is important.
  • Utilize both water and sports drinks (Powerade) to stay hydrated and maintain sodium levels.
  • Pay attention to the weather forecast and dress for the appropriate weather conditions.
  • Plan to adjust your pace/goals for the weather. The increasing temperature will require more of your body’s energy and resources to maintain normal function, so a slower pace than originally planned or reducing your milage goal is recommended in order to get you complete the event without overheating.
  • Police and security will be posted at most intersections. They will have access to the medical until to assist in any medical situation. In emergency situations, they will activate 911.
  • For participants who require medical assistance, the Main Medical Unit is located in Bootyville on Butler’s campus.
  • Please be sure to apply sunscreen regularly throughout the event.
  • Please take the time to fill out the emergency information with a ball point pen on the back of your bib.

24 Hours of Booty is committed to providing the safest possible experience. We need your help to use your best judgment, alter pace accordingly and pay attention to your body’s warning signals at all times.

Course Condition System (CSS)

The color-coded CSS (EAS) will be communicated in the following ways:

  • E-mail communication during event week to inform participants of the current Course Status and provide preparation tips based on advance weather forecasts.
  • Updates will be made at early packet pick up and through public address announcements.
  • The CSS status will be communicated at the event via public address announcements and color-coded signs/flags at the start/finish areas, and in the Expo area.
  • Social media updates through Facebook and Twitter.  To receive Twitter updates to your cell phone text FOLLOW @24HOURSOFBOOTY to 40404. After the event you can reply STOP 24HOURSOFBOOTY to quite receiving these updates.
  • All participants should familiarize themselves with the CSS prior to the event and remain alert for directions from police, event staff and announcers.
  • Please take precautions to prepare properly for varying weather conditions on event day.
  • An emergency hotline is available at any time by calling 877.342.2046. Please plug this into your cell phone.
  • Please share this information with any spectators you know who will be attending the event.

Event Alert System Table

Course Status Event Conditions Recommendations


Course Closed; Event Delayed
Extreme and Dangerous conditions
The course may be closed in a delayed or cancelled status.  Participants should follow the local law enforcement and/or the event director’s instructions.


Potential for dangerous conditions Participants should monitor how they feel very closely. Recommendations include slowing down, reducing event mileage goals, increasing the number of breaks or stop event participation.


Less than ideal conditions Be prepared to slow down for worsening conditions.


Good Conditions Enjoy the event.

Medical Support

Medical support is provided by Wishard Medical in the Mobile Unit that will be parked in the Bootyville area. The medical unit will be equipped with a team of medical personnel, emergency and first aid supplies. Participants on the course needing assistance should stop at any one of the police checkpoints or notify a volunteer who can radio for assistance.  For all emergencies please call 911.

It is critical that all participants fill out the back of their bib number with their emergency contact information prior to the event. Should you need medical assistance, this will greatly help the staff in monitoring your condition and in locating your emergency contact if necessary.

Medical personnel reserve the right to withdraw any participants from the event who appear to be in distress or at risk should they continue to participate.

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