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Team Mountain Khakis: Adam Myerson

 Name: Adam Myerson
 Hometown: Brockton, MA
 Current City: Boston, MA
@Twitter?  @adammyerson
Years Pro:  10
Favorite Race:  Athens Twilight
Proudest Race Moment:  Final stage, 2003 Tour of Ireland

How did you get into cycling?

I played some team sports like baseball, hockey, and soccer, through junior high school. But I was also interested in individual sports like roller speed skating, and eventually turned away from competitive events altogether as I fell in love with skateboarding in high school. I rode a 10-speed in board shorts and sneakers with the guys from the local bike shop, and they took me to my first race when I was 15. 25 years later, I’m still here.


How have you been impacted by cancer?

I have to confess, I’ve been very, very fortunate to not have been directly impacted by someone close having cancer. Still, it’s never far away, and we all know someone whose lost a loved one or family member, and had to see their struggle, even if we haven’t been directly involved.

Tell us about your 24 Hours of Booty experience.  What’s your favorite part?  

I’ve been able to ride portions of the event alongside the participants for the past two years and its certainly awe inspiring.  I think for me, the best part is that all these people come together not just around their experience with cancer, but also around bicycles. That bikes are the vehicle, literally and metaphorically, for their shared transformative experiences.

What is your role on the team? 

I wear a lot of hats in this organization, and my official title is “Rider, Manager, Captain.” That means some days I’m like any other rider on the team, out there in the race, trying to get results. Within that, I’m also the team captain, which means I dictate the tactics for the day, run the team meetings, and make tactical decisions during the race. Finally, I’m also the team manager, which means I select the rosters for each event, book the plane tickets, enter the riders in the events, coordinate travel, arrange hotel rooms, and handle the majority of those kinds of logistics. It’s definitely a lot of work.

Tell us about your tattoos


This is a really broad question and not really possible to answer. Some of my work is deeply symbolic, some of it is plain and literal, and some of it is completely meaningless. For instance, I have an arm full of dinosaur images because I grew up in love with dinosaurs like most little boys, and I had a picture in my head, and artist who was perfect for it. On the other hand, some have slogans like “strivers and suffers” or “can’t stop, won’t stop,” should speak for themselves.

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