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Team Mountain Khakis: Travis Livermon

Name: Travis Livermon
Hometown: Winterville, NC
@Twitter?: @travislivermon
Years Pro: 4yrs Mt Biking and Cyclocross but only 1yr Road Racing

1.  What is your favorite race?
Presbyterian Hospital Crit.  Home state crit!

2.  Proudest Result
9th place Professional Cyclocross Natl Championship

3. How did you get into cycling?
My older brother started riding when he was in middle school.  I am 5yrs younger than him and wanted to do what he was doing.  It all snowballed from there.

4. How long is your season and where to you race?
Road season is 6 to 7 months and cyclocross is around 4 months.  It generally works out to be a 10 month season.  Racing all over the country and sometimes internationally but the majority is in the US.

5.  What is your role in the team and/or specialty?
Races of attrition and not so punchy strong man situations.

6.  If you’ve participated in 24 Hours of Booty, tell us a little bit about your experience.
I have ridden the Booty Loop on several occasions and have seen the start and some of the festivities.  It was great to see how may people are supportive and care about the cause.

7.  What is your favorite piece of Mountain Khakis clothing?
Fleece lined Original Mountain Pants

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