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Treusdell’s Trifecta: Spreading Encouragement as a Rider, Volunteer & Booty Crew Member

The difference between the success and failure of an event is a great team. 24 Hours of Booty is fortunate to have the Booty Crew as a backbone of all our events. Susan Treusdell is a true testament to these ideals. Treusdell heard about 24 Hours of Booty through the Ulman Cancer Fund events and the LIVESTRONG Challenge. Being involved since the event began in Columbia in 2008, Treusdell began as a volunteer and then transitioned to a Booty Crew member.


Susan is a 20-year thyroid cancer survivor and knows many others who are fighting battles with cancer, as well. She describes the Booty Crew as ambassadors for 24 Hours of Booty who promote the event, recruit riders and volunteer on the Booty Loop. Her responsibilities include getting the bike shops to participate and help spread the word to their customers. Her goals as a Booty Crew member this year is to encourage people to participate and enjoy the event.

Treusdell says there are countless memorable moments during the race. There was two moments, which stood out most for her. One year in Columbia, a rider rode one loop for each of the firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. At the finish line he rode water arch made by local firefighters. The second moment occurred when a rabbi led a non-denominational prayer service one morning that left a peaceful sprit among riders.

“Every year has its moments…the notes on people’s bibs, the speakers and conversations with fellow riders,” says Treusdell.

24 Hours of Booty has turned Treusdell into a true cyclist. While Treusdell has found a passion for cycling, she wants new riders to know you don’t have to be a professional to ride on the loop. She advises new riders to just enjoy the ride and feel good about raising money for a good cause.

“I’m proud that 24 Hours of Booty raises funds for the [Ulman Cancer Fund] and the [LIVESTRONG Foundation] so they can continue their great work,” Treusdell said.

Join Susan at the 2015 24 Hours of Booty Columbia event – click here.

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Fighting to Finish: Susan K. Williams

IMG_1724 (1)Susan K. Williams is an inspiring two-time cancer survivor with the determination to encourage others who continue their battle with this disease. In 1996, Williams was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, nine years later she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Today she is cancer free and eager to fight for other family members and friends who haven’t survived their cancer journeys.

Williams and her husband ride with Team Spokes of Hope led by captain Cindi Hart of Indianapolis, Indiana. Williams discovered the team through Cyclists Combating Cancer (CCC) and the LIVESTRONG Foundation. She describes the team culture as a caring group of diverse riders that include cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, friends and regular people who have a desire to help. Williams has participated in 24 Hours of Booty Indianapolis for four years with her husband, daughter and son-in-law by her side.

As for fundraising, Susan reaches out to her small network and makes the donation process seamless for them by sending a fundraising letter with a copy of a donation form including a link to her personal page in participant center and a self addressed envelope. Williams suggests sending a fundraising letter to every contact in your address book to ramp up your fundraising and reach your goal. She also suggests that first time riders ride as many miles as they want to or are able to. Personally, her goal is to surpass her record of 174 miles and reach 200 miles this year out on the Booty Loop. Most importantly, Williams says first time riders should enjoy the fellowship with other cyclists, neighborhood residents and event watchers.

“Talk about why you ride,” Williams said. “Remember those that weren’t able to finish their cancer journey, celebrate survivors and support those traveling down the cancer road.”

Through the 24 Hours of Booty event, Williams has met various Spokes of Hope members from other parts of the U.S. and visited with other cyclists while riding in other events, which has caused her to push herself on her own bike.

To join Susan at 24 Hours of Booty Indianapolis, register here.

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It’s Booty Madness: City v. City Competition for Bragging Rights & a $2,500 Grant to Your Local Beneficiary


Exciting games, last-second buzzer shots, ESPN 24/7 and college pride…that’s right, it’s March Madness! In the spirit of the season, we’re hosting a challenge between cities in Booty Madness, and your city can win!

From Monday, March 16 to Friday, March 20, Charlotte, Indianapolis and Columbia will each compete for an additional $2,500 grant to their local beneficiary! Indianapolis was the winner last year — who will take the prize this year?

Riders can gain points for their city by following the tasks listed below. The total number of points for each city will be divided by the number of registered riders in order to keep the scoring fair.

  • Free Throw: 1 point for every dollar raised between March 16th-20th at midnight!
  • Slam Dunk: 2 points for each daily task that will be emailed to you!
  • Three Point Shot: 3 points for every rider who registers during the contest dates!
  • Half Court Shot: 4 points for every new team that registers during the contest dates!

We’ll also be offering a registration discount in all three cities.  Give your friends and family a head’s up! Start by registering here to earn points!

Go Team! Aaaaand…..BREAK!



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Executive Director Transition for 24 Hours of Booty

To my 24 Hours of Booty family,

Basil and kidsFor the past six years I have had the honor and privilege of leading a community that is making incredible strides on behalf of the cancer community. We often refer to the 24 Hours of Booty family, because that’s what it feels like – a close-knit community that rallies around each other and the community year after year, raising millions of dollars to impact thousands of cancer survivors.

It is with deep gratitude that I share with you, my 24 Hours of Booty family, that I have accepted a position to become CEO of The Ability Experience. I have been involved with this organization since college and spent the first nine years of my career serving its mission. It is an organization that has impacted me deeply and I look forward to impacting other college students in the same way, while having more time in Charlotte with my family.

I am excited about the future of 24 Hours of Booty because of your commitment and passion. Our riders, sponsors and volunteers – the 24 Hours of Booty family – continue to raise the bar each and every year. I know it isn’t easy to balance everything with family, work and all the other commitments life brings, but you do, and this is what truly makes 24 Hours of Booty great.

While leaving is bittersweet, I know the best is yet to come for 24 Hours of Booty. We have a board focused on the strategic direction of the organization. The staff is easily the most dedicated group of people I have worked with during my career. The passion they have for the mission and success of the organization is unparalleled.

I am so thankful for the opportunities I was given at 24 Hours of Booty. I have been so deeply impacted by the friendships I made, the survivors I met and by the passion all of you bring to this community. While my last day with 24 Hours of Booty will be Wednesday, March 18, I will continue to do whatever I can to fight this terrible disease. I look forward to riding alongside you this summer!

All my best,


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Get the Inside Scoop at our Online Information Sessions

24B_iconJoin us for an Online Information Session to get the inside scoop on all things 24 Hours of Booty for 2015. We have the sessions planned over multiple days and times so one is sure to fit your schedule!

These sessions are for current, past and potential riders to get the inside scoop about what to expect at the event. Get fundraising and team recruitment tips, what to expect at the event, and where your money is going in the fight against cancer. This is a great way to interact with staff and fellow riders, and ask questions! Click on the date to RSVP and be sure to check back to our Facebook for dial-in information.


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Booty Crew Spotlight: Laney Parrish

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.33.06 PMThe Booty Crew, also known as the Booty Organizing Committee (BOC) is a dedicated group of year-round volunteers who lend their time and talents to ensure 24 Hours of Booty runs smoothly. The BOC meets with the staff months before the event to ensure no detail is left out.

Laney Parrish is a member of the Charlotte BOC and says her goal is to do everything she can to make sure things go off without a hitch. Her responsibilities include updating the inventory for all the events, as well as assisting with donation processing. Parrish was introduced to 24 Hours of Booty when she was working at Queens University, whose campus runs directly into the Booty Loop. A few of her co-workers formed a team and Parrish eventually asked her husband to join, as well.

Aside from volunteering to give back to the community, Parrish became involved with 24 Hours of Booty due to her personal connection to cancer. In 2012, her brother in-law was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer. He is now doing well and the family is thankful for his recovery. In addition to lending her time to the Charlotte BOC, Parrish will be riding this year in honor of a sorority sister who has recently completed treatment, as well as a friend’s mother who passed away last year.

“We have family taken too soon, see co-workers and friends battle for their lives, know parents who lose their children,” says Parrish. “24 Hour of Booty makes me feel like I am doing something to fight back.”

Cheering on riders is her favorite part of the event and is something she wants everyone in all the event cities to experience. Parrish advises first time riders to speak with other riders on the loop and listen to their stories. She describes the event as “one big family coming together to kick cancer’s booty!”

“Even for those of us not personally affected by cancer, everyone has been touched by it,” Parrish said. “I know the money that is raised is helping our neighbors get the support they need to keep fighting.”

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2015 Atlanta Event Announcement

Over the last five years, 24 Hours of Booty Atlanta riders have made great strides in the fight against cancer. A community of riders has been built that shows tireless support for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

As incredible as this community has been, we have made the decision to cancel the Atlanta event.  The ridership and fundraising numbers have declined over the past three years and continue to do so. This is not a decision that was made lightly. We truly value the relationships we’ve built with you and the entire 24 Hours of Booty Atlanta community. The passion and dedication you’ve shown has left a lasting impact on our organization and the cancer community as a whole.

We will honor our grant commitment to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for the 2015 season. Tomorrow you will receive an email detailing your options for handling current registration fees and donations, or riding in another city.  Starting Monday, March 2nd, we will call each registered rider to discuss how you’d like to proceed.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for riding with us, fighting with us and standing with us.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at (704) 365-4417.


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Let’s inspire each other

24 Hours of Booty’s mission is to inspire communities to be active in the fight against cancer. By rallying together, we can inspire each other to make a difference on behalf of people fighting cancer in our own communities.

This week, let’s inspire each other! Inspire the cancer fighters and the survivors. Inspire first time riders to join us and returning riders to push farther. Inspire the entire community to join us in this fight. We will provide step-by-step tips on how together we can rally, ride and fight together.

Let’s start by sharing this video and letting the community know what 24 Hours of Booty is:

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 3.45.52 PM

Let’s rally together this week and build your teams. The more riders we have, the more funds we raise and the greater the impact we have on the fight against cancer. This week, the team that adds the most new members will receive a $500 fundraising credit to split evenly among your teammates!

Ride to reach mileage goals, ride for the fun of it and ride to make a difference. Each mile is a step closer to creating a positive change in the cancer community. Make your miles count and reach your goal, whether that be one loop or 100 miles.

When we ride, we are fighting for those in the  midst of their battle and for the survivors. We fight to reach mileage goals and raise funds for our beneficiaries. Make your miles matter and reach, even surpass, your fundraising goal.

Together we ride. Together we fight. Together we inspire.

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Team Spotlight: Behind the Name of Team Structuremen


24 Hours of Booty Indianapolis rider and board member, Ben Wilhelm, takes his level of commitment to new levels by participating in the event leading his friends and fellow co-workers on Team Structuremen and off the course giving back with his involvement on the organization’s Board of Directors.

“I live in Charlotte, but spent most of my life in Indianapolis, so I thought it would be cool to be a team captain in one of our expansion cities where I can help the event grow,” said Ben Wilhelm, captain of Team Structuremen.

He first rode in 24 Hours of Booty as an individual participant a few years ago, but decided to lead Team Structuremen in Indianapolis and ride with Team Greer Walker Charlotte last year. Wilhelm also joined the 24 Hours of Booty Board of Directors last year and was excited to get involved with an organization that allowed him to participate in two of his favorite cities.

“The idea of 24 Hours of Booty spoke to me as my father died of throat cancer and three of my four brothers had cancer, one deceased,” Wilhelm said. “I have been a road cyclist for nearly 20 years, so this seemed like a great way to support the fight against cancer and promote survivorship.”

It wasn’t hard for Wilhelm to recruit his family members, friends and his Shiel Sexton co-workers to participate in the Indianapolis event since the course near Butler University is practically his old neighborhood. Their team name stems from the Shiel Sexton mascot, which is a Structureman, a three story steel sculpture of a super-hero construction guy affixed to their building on North Capitol in downtown Indianapolis.

“Because the Stuctureman is part of our corporate identity, it seemed like the team needed to pay respect to the athleticism and wisdom that is Structureman,” Wilhelm said.

It is the culture of Shiel Sexton to invest in the community where they do their business  Team Structuremen have many members who are endurance athletes and also members who ride recreationally, but they all enjoy supporting an event as laid back as 24 Hours of Booty.

Previously, the team collectively raised $5,500, but they plan to exceed this amount in 2015. The team may be planning an event this year that remains top secret, but their first goal is to grow the team’s ridership with the idea that the money will then follow.

Wilhelm personally rode 200 miles in the Indianapolis event last year. This year’s mileage goal will depend on his level of mental and physical motivation come this spring. He most enjoys the first lap around the loop, as well as hanging with friends, the environment, food and music. Having completed numerous marathons and triathlons, Wilhelm believes that 24 Hours of Booty provides the most exceptional participant experience.

“I like the originality of the event, how Spencer Lueders started with the idea of just getting on the bike and riding the Booty Loop in Charlotte and it caught fire from there,” says Wilhelm.  “The event really offers something different than any other cause-related event I have ever experienced.”


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Team Spotlight: Behind the Name of Team Wholly Spokes

24HoB WhollySpokesSean Beaver, cancer survivor, had been actively looking for opportunities to give back to the cancer community when he first heard about 24 Hours of Booty from a friend who received an email from the Ulman Cancer Fund asking for volunteers for the ride. Beaver was happy to see this ride was local in Columbia. Beaver and his two friends, who would eventually establish the team, have many connections to cancer. Sean himself was diagnosed with Ameloblastoma in 2004 and had a small section of his jaw and surrounding tissue removed.

Beaver describes the team name as a play on words and their association with biking. “Wholly” is meant to represent the belief that the team is in this fight against cancer together and no one is alone; “Spokes” is meant to reflect the idea that we’re all extensions of a central point and radiate outward to support an outer circle. The name is also a play on the saying “Holly smokes”.

Team Wholly Spokes’ fundraising tactics include traditional methods like emailing friends and family. They also take advantage of the tools available in the 24 Hours of Booty Participant Center. The team is currently working on a new concept for fundraising that involves sponsorships and offset purchases. Last year with just two members, the team raised over $2,000. This year, Wholly Spokes would like to be in the $5,000 – $10,000 range.

Beaver has this advice to give to first time riders:

  1. Expect to be sore, but know it’s worth it.
  2. Expect to meet some pretty cool people.
  3. Expect to meet people who inspire you.
  4. Expect to get wet if it rains.
  5. Expect to be taken care of because 24 Hours of Booty thinks of everything.
  6. Expect to have a great time.
  7. Most importantly – make sure your bike has lights for night riding because there’s nothing better than riding as the sun is coming up.

The ride reminds Beaver of how fortunate he is and gives him a way to do something that will hopefully someday help put an end to cancer. A turning point for Beaver was in 2009 when a few members of the team were riding in the event.

“We approached a man standing on the side of the road holding a sign that simply said, ‘Thank you for riding. My son has cancer. He’s only 5,’” says Sean Beaver, team captain of Wholly Spokes. “That changed my life.”



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